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Notice on the Selection of Teachers from Zhejiang University Medical School to Attend the Teacher Taining of the University of Western Australia


In order to fully implement the Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Innovation and Development of Medical Education issued by the General Office of the State Council, promote the reform and development of medical education, and improve the level of teacher education and teaching, the Medical School Zhejiang University (ZUSM) will select teachers to participate in the 2021 Teacher Training Program of the University of Western Australia after discussion by the Education Committee of the Medical School on November 25, 2020. In view of the current grim situation of COVID-19 pandemic abroad, the training will adopt a mixed teaching method of online and offline.


I. Teaching Forms

(1) Training Mode

The training is divided into two stages, as follows:

Phase I: Online teaching--14 weeks of basic concepts of teaching and learning module (cost: A$1500);

Phase II: On-site training--7 days of clinical teaching and supervision module (cost: A$1700); If you cannot go to Australia for on-site training due to the epidemic, 9 weeks of online teaching can be applied in the second stage (cost: A$1,000).

(2) Training time

Phase I: Starting from February 16, 2021, from 19: 30 to 21: 00 every Tuesday night for 14 weeks;

Phase II: Starting from August 16, 2021, 7 days of on-site training and 9 weeks of online training (19: 30-21: 00 every Tuesday night).


II. Curriculum Setting

See attachment.


III. Training Policy

(1) Trainees can obtain Graduate Certificate in Health Professions Education credits from the University of Western Australia after completing the first stage of training and be certified by the studying certificate of Principles of Teaching and Learning.

(2) Credit Accreditation

Teachers who complete the two-stage training and pass the evaluation will have 5 credits of the training class for improving teachers' teaching ability.

(3) Project Support

According to the relevant resolution of the Minutes of the Enlarged Meeting of the Education Committee of the Medical School (December 24, 2019), teachers will be evaluated and awarded after completing the training. The award-winning teachers will serve as reserve instructors of the School's Education and Development Center, and their training programs will be included in the training program of the Teacher Development Center for one year and will be funded. Award-winning teachers from clinical medical schools will be selected as backbone teachers in clinical practice teaching.


IV. Training Expenses

(1) Tuition fees (registration fees)

Phase I: A$1500

Phase II: A$1700 for on-site training (excluding short-term travel expenses abroad) or A$1,000 for online teaching

(2) Travel expenses

Travel expenses for on-site training will be handled in accordance with the corresponding standards of Zhejiang University's document Notice of Zhejiang University on Printing and Distributing Measures for the Administration of Temporary and Short-term Overseas Training Expenses on Business. The travel standard of the university of western Australia is $180 of accommodation fee, $60 of food subsidy and $50 of miscellaneous fee daily, and transportation expenses are calculated according to the actual situation.

(3) Funding Guarantee

Clinical medical schools, stomatological medical schools and hospitals are responsible for the training fees and travel expenses of dispatched teachers. The training expenses of the Department of Basic Medicine, the Department of Public Health, the Department of Brain Science and Brain Medicine, and the Department of Nursing will be covered by the Medical School. The corresponding units should formulate relevant safeguard policies to ensure that the wages, rewards and benefits of the personnel studying abroad will remain unchanged during their stay abroad.


5. Training quota

1-2 teachers for the Department of Basic Medicine, the Department of Public Health, the Department of Brain Science and the Department of Brain Medicine each; 1 teacher for the Department of Nursing; 2-3 teachers for each clinical medical school and stomatological medical school. 1 teacher for non-directly affiliated hospitals, cooperative hospitals and community practice bases.


6. Application Qualification

The applicant shall meet the following conditions:

(a) Teachers of various departments, clinical medical schools and stomatological schools; Teaching backbone of non-directly affiliated hospitals, cooperative hospitals and community practice bases;

(2) Good command of English, strong oral expression ability, and being able to carry out effective professional communication and exchange;

(3) love medical education, actively participate in teaching work;

(4) Backbone teachers in clinical practice teaching, teachers who have participated in the teaching of eight-year module courses, teachers who had the experience of teaching foreign students, have been heads or secretaries of course groups or teaching and research office, and those who can carry out medical teacher development and teaching reform after the training are given priority.


7. Work to Do after Training

Teaching and research tasks will be arranged by the Medical School to these teachers and they should submit to the Medical School the Summary of Overseas Education and Teaching Training, Medical School Zhejiang University and make public reports and debriefing. Teachers should fulfill the promised work objectives within the prescribed time limit.


8. Declaration Methods

(1) Applicants should send the application (see Attachment 2) and resumes in both Chinese and English to jysjs@zju.edu.cn before 12:00 am on December 25, 2020, and you can contact Huang Chanchan at 660179.

(2) The Medical School will examine the applicant's materials in combination with the opinions of the sending unit, and organize experts to interview the applicant's teaching ability and English ability.



Education Office

December 1, 2020