Course Team of English Brand Course of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Ministry of Education

Address: 1 Xueshi Rd, Hangzhou, Zhejiang

Postcode: 310006

Tel: 0571-87061501

Fax: 0571-89991838


Traffic Route

Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport:

Take airport bus (Wulin Gate line) to Wulin Gate Civil Aviation Ticket Office, and then take Route 251 (in the direction of Sanlang Temple) or Route 92 (in the direction of Xiongzhen Tower) to the station of Hangzhou First People’s Hospital


Hangzhou East Railway Station:

1. Take Metro Line 1 (in the direction of Xianghu), get off at Exit A of Longxiang Bridge Station, and walk eastwards along Bxuesheng Road to the School

2. Take Route 106 (in the direction of Xinfeng), get off at Pengqiao Station, and walk northwards along Zhongshan Middle Road to the School

3. Take Route 31 (in the direction of Yanan Road, Yinmajing Lane), get off at Zhonganqiao station, and walk westwards along Qingchun Road to the School


City Bus:

Bus Route

Origin Station


Get-off Station

Route Y1

Lingyin Temple


New Victory Theatre

Route Y8


Wushan Bus Station

New Victory Theatre

Route 8

Sanlang Temple

Deshengdongcun Village

Hangzhou First People’s Hospital

Route 10

Zhejiang University, Zijingang   Campus

Pinghai Road Yue Wang Intersection

Pinghai Road Yue Fei Intersection

Route 12

Wansongling Intersection

Santang Village

New Victory Theatre

Route 18

Liugongyuan Park

Jingfang Court

Zhonganqiao Bridge

Route 155

Hangzhou Train Station

Hemuxincun Village

Pinghai Road Yue Wang Intersection