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Notice on Applying for the Postgraduate Education Research Project of Zhejiang University in 2021


According to the notice from the Medical School, in order to further promote the reform of postgraduate education at Zhejiang University, strengthen the construction of postgraduate teaching staff and improve the research level of postgraduate education management, the Graduate School decided to carry out the application of postgraduate education research projects at Zhejiang University in 2021. Relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:


I. Requirements for Topic Selection

Implement Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the National Conference on Postgraduate Education, adhere to taking moral cultivation as the fundamental task of postgraduate education, accelerate the “Double First-Class” university construction and high-level development of postgraduate education, improve the quality of postgraduate education, and emphasize the connotation development of postgraduate education. For the project guide, please refer to Attachment 1.


II. Project Category and Financial Assistance

Projects are divided into three categories: major project, key project and general project. The period of project is generally two years, from April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2023. In 2021, the number of major projects will generally not exceed 3, with a funding of 80,000 yuan for each project. The number of key project is generally no more than 6, with a funding of 40,000 yuan each; The number of general project does not exceed 22, with a funding of 20,000 yuan each.


III. Application Requirements

1. The application for the project is open to all faculty members. The applicant should have good ideological and political quality, with intermediate or above professional and technical posts and three years or above of practical experience in postgraduate education and management, and be able to independently undertake and carry out project research.

2. As the person in charge of the project, the applicant is limited to apply for or is studying one project, and cannot be a participant in other projects in the same period; Members of the research group cannot participate in more than 2 projects at the same time (including unfinished projects); The number of members of the research group should not be less than 2 (including the person in charge of the project).

3.The applicant who had postgraduate education research projects should have completed the projects, and those whose projects were terminated or cancled and were finished on time cannot apply for the new project. Projects that have been approved by other departments in the school cannot be repeatedly applied under the same or different names.

4. Applicants for major and key projects should submit applications according to the project guide; Applicants for general topics can choose their own topics on the premise of conforming to the principles of key areas of postgraduate education reform in the school and in combination with their own research foundation, and the topics should be specific, targeted and avoid being broad.


IV. Conclusion Requirements

1. Projects should be completed on schedule. The project conclusion can be postponed for half a year at most and those that cannot be completed upon expiration will be suspended.

2. Major project requires 1 research report, at least 2 articles in the core journals in the field of postgraduate education research and 1 proposals of policy reform in the school; Key project requires 1 research report, at least two articles in postgraduate education and research publications and a proposal of policy reform in the school; General project requires 1 research report, at least 1 article in postgraduate education and research publications. The article published should be marked that it has received funding from Zhejiang University for postgraduate education and research projects.

3. The project conclusion is organized by the Graduate School of Zhejiang University.


IV. Other Matters

1. The Graduate School of Zhejiang University will organize experts to evaluate the project applications and determine the project.

2. The projects approved will be included in the school projects. Applicants should strictly abide by the relevant regulations of the school, strictly regulate the use of project funds, and ensure that the research is completed with high quality and predetermined results within the scheduled time. For details of project management requirements, please refer to the Measures for the Administration of Postgraduate Education and Research Projects of Zhejiang University (Attachment 2).

3. Applicants for the project should carefully fill in the Application Form of Postgraduate Education Research Project of Zhejiang University (Attachment 3) and send the original copy of the signed application to the Education Office (Room 1302, Building 1). Please send the electronic application with the name of “Application + Name” to  

4. The application deadline is at 05:30 pm on January 20, 2021. Late application will not be accepted.


Please contact Xu Xiangrong at 661236 and Wang Xiao at 666806 for matters uncovered above.


Education Office

December 21, 2020

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